Create your awesome Web Application with HTML5. Html5 is one of the majorly used technologies in today's world. It gives you best functions and features which can be supported by all web browsers. Html5 is come up with new upgraded functions for embedding graphics, video and audio also supports interactive documents. Due to its common interface, it makes loading elements easier.

HTML supports all devices from desktop till mobile versions. High-Performance, Native-Looking UI can also be developed using HTML5, Gaming can also be developed using HTML5 along with JavaScript.

  • HTML5 Web App
    Advantages of HTML5:
    • Browser Inbuilt
    • Geo-location support
    • Standardized Semantics
    • Neater Code
    • Fancier forms
    • Consistency
    • Improved Accessibility
    • Client-side database
    • Fulfill the need of Web application
    • Offline Application cache
  • Services
    PanoramaLife360 is not just technology home but along with it, PanoramaLife360 provides all latest features which are required for your project. HTML5 Developers are well experienced and can give you instant results by solving your any task based on HTML.
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    Benefits you get at PanoramaLife360
    • Flexible Hiring Support
    • Daily/Weekly Reporting
    • Source Code Authorization
    • Ready-to-use Infrastructure
    • Complete Control
    • Strict NDA Terms
    • Highly English proficient team
    • High speed internet connection