PanoramaLife360 has a fecund experienced developers working since 2007 in Silverlight Development, creation of Silverlight Development Solutions and .NET programming. Silverlight Application Development can be useful for its high flexibility and ultimate quality.

  • Silverlight
    Which services do we provide at Silverlight Development?
    • Silverlight Apps Development
    • Customization & Implementation
    • Cross platform development
    • Plug-ins Development
    • Silverlight and XML
    • XAML Development.
    • Maintenance
    • Design & Development
  • Services
    Silverlight is plug-in introduced freely by Microsoft Technology which is powered by .Net Framework to build your powerful web and mobile application. It is compatible to create cross platform development, with different browsers, operating systems and devices. Silverlight have introduced the new level of interactive web works.
    Benefits of Silverlight Development
    Silverlight Development can bring up Hi-definition video quality and highly graphically embedded websites, which is somewhat similar to those functionalities of Adobe Flash.
    • High Quality Video Experience
    • Cross-Platform, Cross-Browser
    • Experienced WCF and WPF framework developers
    • Supports WCF, LINQ and WPF framework / design patterns
    • Complex projects based on Silverlight and .NET Technologies
    • Support 3rd Party Languages
    • Utmost Speed